Along with Lua support you can now create custom actions in ECMA Javascript. Thanks to the duktape project Umajin can now access a very clean embedded Javascript runtime implementation. This is perfect for lightweight custom logic which you need to deploy as part of your application.

Youku link here

This video shows the performance which the javascript code executes at driving the Umajin rendering system to display lots of animated sprites. As well as the default Umajin API we are working on matching Cordova/PhoneGap API for hardware access as well as a NodeJS API using the Umajin network capabilities with Curl and LibUV.

function tick(){
		//update the sprite 
		sprite_update(a-1, a%47, '', p_x[a], p_y[a], p_scale[a], p_angle[a], 255);
		//update position
		p_angle[a] += 1;
		p_scale[a] += 0.005;
		p_x[a] += p_vx[a];
		p_y[a] -= p_vy[a];
		//apply gravity
		p_vy[a] -= 0.05; 
		//recycle particles dropped off the bottom
		if (p_y[a]>1000){