Speaking, panels or publications.

    AWE show presentation (November 2021) more

    Hi-Tech award winners! (August 2020) more

    Presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas (January 2020) more

    Presented at MWC in Los Angeles (November 2019) more

    Partnered with the US DOD on VR training and presented at the International Police Chief Show (October 2019) more

    Presented at the US Mobile World Congress show in LA (October 2019) more

    Presented and powered PWC at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcellona (March 2019) more

    Presenting at ARIA @ MIT (January 2019) more

    Umajin VR/AR launch at ISMAR/AWE (October 2018) more

    House of Lords Intel/WPP VR experience (October 2018) more

    Gartner cool vendor in Application Design and Development (June 2018) more

    Venturebeat article (April 2018) more

    Information Management article on future technologies (Feb 2018) more

    NRF Big Retail show Digital Agents (Jan 2018)

    G2E Integrated resort of the future, Las Vegas (October 2017) more

    The future of retail, competing and collaborating with Amazon, London (September 2017) more

    PWC Digital Innovation summit, Las Vegas (June 2017) more

    BrandZ China (March 2017) more

    ISE 2017, Amsterdam (February 2017) more

    Digital Innovation, Waterloo University (January 2017) more

    IBM & Ogilvy Cognitive Day, London (November 2016) more

    Global Branding in the Digital Era, NYC (October 2016) more

    Student Smart Retail Hackathon, Wellington (August 2016) more

    Mobile App Development Technologies Showcase, Boston (June 2016) more

    Retail Asia Show – Umajin, Intel & NexCom launch Intel powered RealSense Kiosk (June 2016) more

    The Future of Packaging presentation, Oak Ridge Laboratories, Knoxville (May 2016) more

    Intel Software Innovator Summit, Umajin Mobile & IoT presentation, Bangalore (April 2016)

    BE – Mobile Applications and IoT (April 2016) more

    NZ8 with NZTE (March 2016)

    Digital Innovation & IOT @ the University of Toronto (Jan 2016)

    Bett Education Show (Jan 2016) more

    NRF Big Retail Show IOT Workshop (Jan 2016) more

    IOT World Forum (Dec 2015) more

    Digital Innovation & IOT @ Ryerson University (Dec 2015)

    Enterprise Mobility Forum (Oct 2015) more

    VCCP Digital Fete (Oct 2015) more

    Intel Skylake Launch (Oct 2015) more

    IOT Kit Launch with WPP & Intel (Sep 2015) more

    Intel Developers Forum (August 2015) more

    WPP 30 year, BrandZ 10 year anniversary / NASDAQ event (July 2015) more

    IIC Industrial IOT (July 2015) more

    Retail Asia with Intel RealSense (June 2015) more

    Computex with Intel RealSense and IoT (June 2015) more

    HiTech award winners! (May 2015) more

    University of Arts, London – WPP Future of Retail (May2015) more

    IDF China – IoT & RealSense (April 2015) more

    SXSW – 10 inventions that will revolutionise retail (March 2015) more

    NRF – Robots and the National Retail Federation Big Show (January 2015) more

    CES 2015 – DreamWorks and the Consumer Electronics Show (January 2015) more

    GigaOM Structure Connect – The Internet of Things(October 2014) more

    Umajin at the Ogilvy Lab day in London (September 2014) more

    Umajin 1.1 launch (May 2014)

    Umajin app creator launch video (March 2014) more

    Multicoreworld (February 2014) more

    Digital Signage Expo – Award Winner (February 2014) more

    US National Retail Federation Expo (January 2014) more

    CES (January 2014) more

    AMD Developer Summit (November 2013) more

    Intel Developer Forum (September 2013) more

    Intel Symposium Taiwan (July 2013) more

    London Concept Art Workshop (June 2013) more

    NZICT – Technology Innovation Week (May 2013) more

    AFDS Seattle (June 2012)

    Future of Broadband (March 2012)

    AFDS Taiwan (May 2012)

    Kiwinet (November 2011)

    AnimFX panel (October 2011)

    Canterbury software summit (September 2011)

    AMD Series A processor Launch (June 2011)

    AFDS Seattle (June 2011)