Here is a Umajin showcase application which is highlighting our high quality rendered 3D character capability. The facial animation is driven in real time with a fully synthetic voice all on device. Then the back-end conversation API is powered by IBM Watson and allows you to carry out different tasks.

We believe this combination of chat bots combined with 3D interactive characters has amazing potential in so many areas of user interaction. Our characters can provide reinforced visual feedback as they help you with tasks – and can show you images, video, maps and text to supplement the questions you ask.

p.s. see the unique rendering for the hologram effect, the characters many blended facial poses, anisotropic hair lighting and specular on the eyes. The characters is enhanced to be more lifelike with ambient behaviors like blinking, head/brow movements and eye following.

We showed this cognitive character off at the Ogilvy & Mather “Let’s Get Cognitive” Day in London.