Umajin powered the IOT dashboards and backend for PwC connected solutions at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

There were three custom-built bays loaded with sensors for different vertical markets. In the amusement and entertainment bay we were showing some amazing retrofit sensor from partners. These included a FMT bill reader for existing vending machines, a moisture sensor for gardens, a volumetric sensor for trash bins and a sensor to add to rat traps.


The healthcare bay showed the SAFR face recognition application, a custom FMT wait sensor built into a seat, a temperature sensor for a thermally insulated carrying container and three indoor position tracking sensors which internally use the Umajin 3D geopositioning service for finding high-value items inside buildings/campuses.


Finally the hospitality bay was showing off a door opening sensor, an FMT window break sensor, a light sensor, a temperature sensor and an indoor position tracking sensor for room service trays which also internally uses the Umajin 3D geopositioning service.