NTT Demos ‘5G In A Box’ For Employee Safety

Light Reading: NTT demos ‘5G in a box’ for employee safety (more) Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor

LAS VEGAS – #MWC22 – At MWC last week, NTT displayed a P5G (private 5G) demo to show how the technology can be used in a range of enterprise applications.

David Brebner demos “5G in a box, [which is] an entire 5G network you can deploy for doing on-site testing.” In this demo, Brebner, founder and CEO of Umajin, a partner with NTT, shows how the technology can monitor worker safety in areas such as mines and ports.

The unit can also manage and monitor vehicles, and provide IoT device tracking capabilities. Brebner explains why it’s useful for enterprises to run these types of features on a private 5G network.