NTT Upgrade 2023

It was an honour to present solutions along with NTT researchers from around the globe at the scale the future event in San Fransisco.

Upgrade 2023, the NTT Research Summit will focus on the process of scaling an idea to innovation: from beginnings in basic research, to proof of concept and prototyping, to expanding reach so it can change the world.

Join us as leading research scientists and acclaimed thinkers conduct two days of demonstrations and presentations that explore the innovation journey.

The summit will also delve into some of today’s most cutting-edge innovations that were mere ideas not long ago, and discuss the latest ideas that could revolutionize how we live and work tomorrow.

We were showing how photometric processing is able to extract 3D surface detail at high speed from complex manufactured surfaces. This work is incredibly important for high speed manufacturing quality and is a great workload for high bandwidth networks and edge compute which NTT specialize in.

Here is an example of a scratch on a car door.

Car door paint analysis