Mobile World Congress 2024 – very exciting to be showcasing multiple EDGE technologies with our partner NTT.

The first solution was precision optical tracking in cooperation with Phasespace and NVIDIA Omniverse. This enables workers to have 100% accuracy with sub mm Phasespace tracking to ensure they have tightened the correct fixtures based on the source CAD Omniverse data to the correct tension and none are missed, double torqued or tightened incorrectly.


Then we also showed how we can clone reality with incredibly high resolution, high speed 3D scanning with specular metrology. This enabled defects in even very shiny materials to be inspected for faults. Incredibly important as companies work to improve quality in their products.


Finally we showed high speed product tracking of products with the inventory management application. This uses just a smartphone as the imaging platform and is able to provide real time feedback to human workers to prevent errors in managing inventory.