The Ogilvy Lab day featured some amazing speakers and partners.

The panoramic video content from Visualise which including driving a F1 car was a great experience viewed on the Oculus Rift.


Practical Pixels showed some amazing physical installations and the double robotics tele-presence unit was a lot of fun. The venue was Ravensbourne college – and it was a great spot for an event like this.

The theme of the event was addressing the “Internet of Things” and more broadly, connecting the connected. The talks discussed this them in the areas of WORK, PLAY, DISRUPTION and SPACES.


Some great talks during the day. I particularly enjoyed one of the examples which was completely mechanical – an amazing physical installation Andrew from Greyworks put together which involved wind up keys out in the environment.

We got great feedback on our Umajin presentation – specifically on how apps can be connected to users real world experiences with both capturing data and triggering real world experiences.