Robots + IoT

It was very exciting to work with Intel and the WPP BrandZ reports to showcase some of the capabilities of Umajin.

This robot was able to be controlled by phone, or directly by users using an Intel RealSense camera.

There were a series of demos you can see in the video links below, but that essentially showcase how Umajin is able to talk via a number of protocols which we have added an abstraction layer over for the many and varied devices in the world.

Some of those protocols include;

  1. HTTP, Comet and Websockets for normal API calls, and peer to peer communications
  2. BTLE Bluetooth Low Energy for robot control
  3. NFC Near Field Communications to read and write tags
  4. Machine Vision with pattern recognition, optical character recognition, QR and barcode reading
  5. 3D camera, face detection, hand tracking and voice recognition

This all adds up to providing an amazing toolkit for the creative exploration and then deployment of ideas.

Further IoT examples;