New Orleans, academics, movie and games people collide.


New Orleans is amazing town. You never know what you will find.


Gaussian KD-Trees for Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Check out this paper. Thats some serious multidimensional filtering! Planning on implementing this for Gen3.


Thanks to the SIGgraph studio and the folks from VFlash and their 3D printer. I got to try it out and here is UMAJIN the dragon in 3D. Looking forward to my own makerbot so I can try this at home.


The exhibition hall has some great stuff. The DI3D gear I have been following for a while. This four camera system was very effective. Essentially two stereo pairs are fitted together and normalised to remove errors. They also provide software to convert this raw point cloud / mesh into a nurbs cage.


Some of the projects were a bit more whimsical. Pull-Navi is probably self explanatory from the pics. Yes, thats right it allows you to steer yourself with a remote control joystick. Sensibly the feedback is provided by little motorised clamps which pull on your ears. While this has immediate practical use, I am still wondering about the umbrella vibration relay device at the exhibit next door.


TouchCo Demonstrated some really exciting pressure sensative multi touch sensors. This could really open up the potential for interfaces to support effects like hover.


Even during the carnival the internet police could rest easy knowing the event was being captured in stereo.


There lots of great papers this year. Here are a few highlights;

  • Multi-operator Media Retargeting another great paper from the authors of seam carving.
  • Kun Zhou has some great papers on his website, check it out.
  • Procedural noise will never be the same again.
  • Compressive light transport sensing e.g. work out the light transport using the theory of compressive sensing.