It was quite fun to turn up to the making section at Siggraph and be able to help with the bubble creatures by providing the “stuffed” 3D making software I have been working on. This allows a user to draw an outline, and then mark the width or repeating nature of part of the outline. The software then automatically generates fillets, darts and seams to make it possible to make the final 3D object.


Download “stuffed” at Projectspace.

A great win by a kiwi at the Animation Festival where the Jury Award Winner was “Poppy” by James Cunningham, Delf Productions, New Zealand

Emerging technologies is always fun! This trailer shows a little bit of what was going on.

Performance capture is something I am currently working on, but who better than the Jim Henson company to show off a great mechanical performance capture rig.

Mocap is one thing, but having someone like this in a mocap setup is just asking for trouble.

The paper on continuous video tapestries was a very nice and really quite eye opening solution to the problem of summarising temporal data in a single graphic.


Fake images just got a little bit better with this great paper on integrating new images into existing images.